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Woodland Cabin

Here I sit, in front of a roaring fire hunkering down for what I believe is Boston’s first winter weather advisory (not sure if they had an advisory during Thursday’s ‘storm‘); they’re expecting 2 – 4 inches of the white stuff.  We’re not in the greater Boston Metro area, we’re close enough that we might get caught up in it.  And, really, 2-4 inches isn’t a lot of snow – we’re slogging around in that now; the advisory is for those traveling – and who would that be this Thanksgiving week?!? Considering its one of the first storms of the year, traveling will be less than optimal. Thankfully, I’m on top of a hill, am fully stocked with provisions for, at least, a week; and have plenty of wood.  “Let the snow come!” I exclaimed as I realized, I have no where to be and nowhere to go; a rare moment of quiet bliss.

I worked all day — Tony and I were just discussing the wonders of a personal hot spot — and the big man ran errands.  We are now completely situated to the extent that Tony is cooking over the open fire – chestnuts as an afternoon treat and a poached pear for dessert this evening.  This week, beyond being simply fabulous, will be a foray into film.  I’m hoping to take video or two – and obviously posting it – of Tony cooking over the fire.  This will be a free-flowing video so if you have anything you want him to discuss or explain about cooking over a fire, do let us know.

Other thoughts on this rainy evening (thus far, we’re only dealing with rain):

Traveling Off Peak:  As I previously mentioned, it really does eliminate stress to travel during ‘off peak’ times.  We drove up, from NJ to MA, yesterday afternoon and the 2.5 hour drive was, indeed, a 2.5 hour drive.  

#Yummy #Martini

Martinis:  I love a dirty martini.  And now, apparently, I love ‘em in the woods.  We bought ½ the ingredients of a Martini with us – the Gin.  This morning Tony got the Vermouth and Olives.  Of course, nobody considered the toothpicks. Well Tony our fearless mixologist found these tiny little forks and, voila, we had a whole Martini kit ‘picked’ olives and all.  What can I say, except ‘What’s a girl to do?’

The Flue:  It needs to be primed, there’s no getting around it.  After coming home from dinner last evening,  we quickly started a fire and immediately the alarms went asunder — annoying for about 10 minutes or so.  Yup, while the flue was open, it wasn’t properly primed and the smoke couldn’t deal with itself.  This morning, the opposite tactic proved the point of the post — prime the bloody flue.

Assuming we’re able to get off the ‘hill’, prior to the big day, we plan to go to a local orchard to pick up some apples and a farm for some fresh cut meat; we’ll also be nibbling on MJ’s ginger snaps (so #yummy) over the coming days and will be messing around with video…All good stuff.

Until then, we wish you safe travels and, or course, bon appetite.