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A Thanksgiving Table

Well, we survived Thanksgiving; at least those of us who traveled during the peak Sunday travel period did.  24-hours later, the country is being assaulted by rain and snow.  In reflection, I’m glad to have gone home yesterday.  Ah, hindsight, you are indeed 20/20. 

A Thanksgiving scene from a flick that sticks in my head is Meg Ryan in The Doors (note, link to a great overview of the scene, albeit a bit light on the Meg analyzation). She performs Jim Morrison’s girl friend who has a melt down as she prepares Thanksgiving dinner, banging the duck on the ground, sobbing, “all I wanted to do was have a nice Thanksgiving” or something to that effect.

That’s usually how I feel at the beginning, mid point, and even end of each Thanksgiving we ‘host’ — OK, it’s only happened twice — like a crazy chick banging her bird on the floor wanting something just a bit better, something a bit nicer for the holiday.

The weekend was fine and I only had to deal with a meal for five; three of whom aren’t that picky.  After dinner — I swear the whole time I felt like poor Meg — we lounged about.  Saturday, my sister joined the festivities and hiked with the goats.  We walked through the woods — the cabin has about 80 acres to trudge through — and made a final meal over the fire, Bacalhau Assado.   

Bacalhau Asado 

As promised, we did take videos and I’m now figuring out how to use the software I purchased (which was to eliminate the ads among other actual needed tools — the ads are still there).  We did do a teaser video to send to his friend, included below for test purposes only.  It’s pretty good for the third video created that weekend and kind of amusing. 

For my husband, I’m including a clip I tripped upon while posting the Nor’east Epicurean video, it’s rather apropos as, indeed, the Maker’s Mark was flowing this past week.

I’ll posts more thoughts about Thanksgiving dinner (OMG, the acorn squash thingy was so delicious), which, thankfully, ultimately turned out really great and will update you on our adventures over the coming days/weeks.  And, as  we enter the holiday season, I’m wishing everyone safe travels and, of course, bon appetite.