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Homemade Mustard…#Yummy

I’m a bit of a crazed woman at the moment.  I recently read that as a content creator, yes, apparently, that’s what I’m trying to be, I need to publish at least one post a day — actually, the website I read this on the guy was saying multiple times a day. I’m down to 3 minutes left in Wednesday and the odds of this going live before midnight are slim.  I also wanted to write about my mustard, a recipe I was planning to share (and it takes a lot for me to share a ‘secret’ recipe), but I lost the bloody card w/ the recipe jotted down on it. 

I make great mustard.  It’s actually a recipe I adapted from a Williams Sonoma purchase (not really nor’eastern, but a fantastic store none-the-less).  A few years ago, while desperately scouring the one table in the store with ‘deep’ discounts I came across a make your own honey mustard kit.  Ripping open the ‘honey’ package, I realized I was about to dump a bunch of brown sugar into my mustard mixture; I tossed it instead.  While one might say I ruined the whole ‘thing’ I really made a fantastic discovery.  The flavorful mustard I created, which my spice-loving husband can’t get enough of, was amazing.  And, thankfully, for some reason, I jotted down how much flour was in the pre-packaged envelope and how much mustard seed was provided, thus creating my own recipe.  Of course, at this exact moment, when I have 3 minutes left in the day, I can’t find the effing little card the recipe is on. 

Welcome to…Newark Ironbound District!

With that, I’m going to share a cool blog, 
 The #1 Itinerary, I tripped across and an even cooler post. The #1 Itinerary folks have liked a few of my posts and I decided to meander over to the site.  As I was perusing it, I found a really informative write up about the Iron Bound District of Newark, NJ.  The thing about Newark is that it gives the rest of New Jersey a bad rap (yes, I know, everyone from Jersey says that).  But, it really does.  However, if you’re a traveler, it’s probably not uncommon to find yourself, at some point or another, going through Newark Airport.  And, if you’re going through the airport and have a few hours to spare, go to the Iron Bound District…just do it.  It’s a 10 minute cab ride (assuming all goes well with the traffic) and for the food alone, #Yummy, that 10 minutes will be worth your while.

Tales of Newark will be the subject of another post, when I’m not 1+ hours late in posting my ‘blog a day.’ 

Newark Airport

Thank you, as always, for visiting.  For those on the road, I wish you safe travels, smooth sailing, and, of course, bon appetite!