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The Impossible Burger

Well now, that’s impossible — a plant-based burger?  Yes, indeed, the Impossible Burger was introduced at CES 2019.  CES is the Consumer Electronic Show, held every year in lovely Vegas (there’s a tinge of sarcasm in there re: Vegas…and the whole plant-based burger thing).  I did some sleuthing for the best travel and food related products.  From what I can tell, the following are some of the more innovative food and travel products introduced into the marketplace:

Travel is Fun – The Brunswick Inn

Travel Stuff:

  • Ovis Autonomous Suitcase – This is cool, it follows you around in the airport (and, assumingly, elsewhere) eliminating the need to physically carry your luggage.
  • The Nomad Plug Travel Adapter – Rather trite, but if you travel internationally, needed.  ‘They’ say it’s the closest thing to a ‘universal adapter’ as there is.
  • Thinkware Q800 Pro Dashcam – If you’re a driver and into the whole dashcam thing, this is interesting.  Something to consider, also, if you’re taking a road trip, it has a built in GPS for embedding speed, time and location data into videos.
  • Volterman Travel Smart Wallet – Hmmm, a smart wallet, I ponder skeptically.  This one has a built-in powerbank, distance alarm, global GPS tracking, worldwide WiFi hotspot, and anti-Theft camera and may be worth checking out.
  • MWA Cylo Cannonball ‘Floatable’ Speaker – Who doesn’t need a floatable speaker?  These are fun and are also sand and dirt resistant – Cape Cod, look out!  I have beach worthy speakers!!

Foodie Stuff:

As I was researching the show’s foodie announcements, I stumbled across an eater.com article that hilariously described those innovative kitchen products we all just can’t live without. A humorous roundup of CES culinary ‘gadgets’, the article is written with a certain kind of snark that I love.  And, I decided I would let Deputy Editor Erin DeJesus do the talking for me.  Check out her article, even if for the chuckle (note, I do feel that the GE Kitchen Hub is worth it if you make a living in the kitchen; unlike myself doing this epicurean thing with my thousands — err, hundreds; err, dozens; yeah, that’s it, dozens – of followers).

The Jammy

As a final nod to my husband, before I sign off for the evening, the Jammy – or, a version of the Jammy — was introduced – an electric guitar with a collapsible neck, granted Tony would be more excited with a regular guitar.

That’s it for this evening. I’m going to jump in bed shortly, hoping for visions of Kohler’s Sensate Touchless Kitchen Faucet dancing in my head. Until my next missive, I wish you all safe travels, smooth sailings, and, of course, bon appetite.