A PR practitioner  by day; epicurean enthusiast by night!

Epicurus, whose epitaph said it best, essentially, “live without pursuing glory or wealth or power, but anonymously, enjoying little things like food and company of friends,” was an ancient Greek philosopher whose mission was to attain the happy, tranquil life –peace and freedom from fear and the absence of pain — by living a life surrounded by friends.   Epicurus emphasized friendship as an important ingredient of happiness, and his attitude was that all good and bad derive from pleasure and pain. What is good is pleasurable, what is bad is painful. Epicurus’ school was the first of the ancient Greek schools to admit women as a rule rather than an exception. 

With a career steeped in the travel and hospitality industry — working at an ice cream shop and a greasy diner serving up edible fare (dare we call it that) for the weekend warriors who flocked to the Cape and local fishing folk alike, doing sales and meeting coordination for Hofstra Conference Services and The Tudor Hotel, and handling PR for a variety of travel and tourism entities including SuperClubs, Rosewood Hotels and Resorts, the Singapore Tourism Board, the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism, and, for more than 10 years now, The Hertz Corporation.  My inner desire to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in my home and my experiences in the hospitality industry, coupled with Epicurus’ philosophy on life, have led to a firm belief that we should all strive to attain the epicurean lifestyle.  This blog’s aim is to help those in the Northeast and those visiting the Northeast, live and experience the good things in life.

Note, background material on Epicurus is from Wikipedia and I make no claims of being learned in the man’s life, I just happen to love his philosophy.

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