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Ha. While I’m not afraid of the pie crust, I certainly have not perfected it. To be fair, this was only the second crust I ever made and, apparently, there is a learning curve. I decided that I’ll be describing it as a crumb crust to my family on Thursday. I’m confident it will taste good; however, it’s visually non appealing. I knew I was in trouble when I kind of had to patch the whole thing together; like making a quilt, without any of the implements, just dough. Not sure if it’s the surface I was rolling my dough out on, if I didn’t have enough flour on said surface, or if it just didn’t have enough water. I don’t know, but would love to hear any tips on making crust. Thus far, I’ve only used shortening, but perhaps butter is better.

The funny thing about the crust is that I had planned on snapping pictures of it so I can add some multi-media to my site (I don’t think there’s much ‘multi’ about a picture, but whatever). Another big Ha! I immediately eliminated the pre pie picture, desperately grasping at the hopes that the process of baking the pie would deliver a picture-perfect, edible delight. And, alas, my hopes and dreams were dashed when I peeked into the stove to check on the baking process (who doesn’t do that?) only to see a big, crumbly mess. That was the moment when I decided it best only to post things that come out camera worthy (or, something that makes you double over laughing!). Don’t get me wrong, some of the best fare isn’t especially pleasing to the eye, but I’m not going to be the one to flash those pictures around in a public forum.

My next baking project, probably taking place on Wednesday, is to make cookies for our youth group meeting at church on Sunday. We’re doing a Thanksgiving/first Sunday of Advent dinner and I’m making Pumpkin Cookies. It’s actually the recipe I found when Tony announced, unexpectedly, that he needed cookies for some event or another. It has all your standard cookie ingredients, plus a can of pumpkin. It turns out, with that one, the larger concern wasn’t the ingredients for the cookies, but rather the glaze recipe they provided as I only had ½ the ingredients. The cookies came from www.verybestbaking.com. The glaze I wound up using (after doing an online search) follows:

1 C Powdered Sugar
5 Teaspoons Hot Water
½ Teaspoon Vanilla

We’ll be in Connecticut for Thanksgiving. On the ride home, thought we’d do a not-too-far off the beating path side trip. Would love your suggestions on any fun towns or interesting places we should consider checking out along the way back (we do Tappan Zee, 684 to 84 and vice versa).