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Procrastination. So much to do and this the only weekend we have to do it, We’ve been decking the halls, only using real greenery, and attacking the Christmas Cards all weekend…laundry be damned!  If time allots, I’ll make cookies for Tony’s students. However, the recipe I use, the famous Stifter Monster Cookies, makes a boat load of cookies and even when making half a batch you’re still baking 2 – 3 hours later. Also will be attempting to finish bunch of things that absolutely must be done — switching the clothes, winterizing the back yard, etc. While I continue hiding from the inevitable, a few thoughts:
Route 2, Massachusetts

The Mohawk Trail

The Mohawk Trail: Next weekend we’re going to Massachusetts to see our nieces in a Christmas Pageant (unbeknownst to my sister.  Note to self, must tell her…). Figured we could do a leisurely drive home along Route 2, aka the Mohawk Trail, with a stop for shopping/lunch in Deerfield. As we frequent New England on a somewhat regular basis, we tend to do ‘hit and runs’. Especially this spring, my driving has always been geared toward ‘how can I get to where I need to go the quickest and with the least amount of headaches.’ As things have quieted down, we’ve begun taking leisurely rides home, usually stopping at least once or twice along the way. In September, as we were coming home from the Cape, we stopped in Groton, Connecticut, just south of Mystic, at the Submarine Force Library and museum.  Personally, my interest was less than enthusiastic, but Tony was thrilled. And, thankfully, his enthusiasm was contagious. Apparently, there’s a replica turtle thing there and we were able to board the USS Nautilus, the first nuclear powered sub that, back in 1958, crossed the North Pole, the first ship to do so. 

The USS Nautilus

The USS Nautilus


2012 To Dos: I’ve committed to do numerous epicurean things in 2012 and will compile a list, at some point soon, to share. The good thing is that I’ve started researching some of my ‘to dos,’ (did you know there’s a cooking school in Cresskill, NJ?) and am plotting out how I’ll spend Q1 of 2012 taking classes and traveling the Northeast, visiting friends and family and enjoying the fare along the way. I guess my only concern about this is that I’ve always wanted to take technique classes, as it takes me about a 1/2 hour to cut an onion, prior to taking formal cooking classes. Apparently, the two will be inter-mingled and I’ll keep you update on how that’s works out.

Roasted Butternut Squash

Roasted Butternut Squash from Simple Speedy Snacks

Recipes: A quick survey of my reader revealed that recipes would be welcome. In 2012, I vow to post recipes, from cookbooks on the shelf, to the family trove of recipes to recipes I find from fellow bloggers and classes I may take along the way.  Actually found a really nice, fall recipe for roasted butternut squash from Simply Speedy Snacks and am excited to try it over my extended holiday at the end of the month.

If eggnog weren’t completely gross, I would have stocked up for the ‘deck the halls’ weekend. But, alas, we found other liberations that helped us us out along the way.  We’ve been local this weekend, enjoying each other’s company and taking care of Christmas business (for the record, our tree, tiny though it may be, fell over on me last evening). Next up, researching and organizing 2012 cooking classes,epicurean adventures, and unknown areas to explore throughout the year. We’ll keep you updated on our adventures and promise to, soon, very soon, start posting recipes.