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Recently, while sick as a dog, my head all fuzzy from various medications, I sat, glued to the iPod (trying to pen a blog post) watching that Julie & Julia (or is it Julia & Julie?) movie. Not even 5 minutes into it, I couldn’t help but think ‘holy shit; people are going to think I’m trying to mimic this movie’ (assuming that’s what Alice’s Facebook reference was about). Well, for the record, that’s certainly not the case, not at all. Want proof? Well, a few things to consider:

365 Days of French Food: I’m really not that much of a fan of any one chef to solely cook their food for a year, especially if that chef’s forte is French cuisine. Seriously, my love of cooking in general doesn’t stretch that far; baking, well, that stretches a bit farther.

Spare Me the Drama: The lead chick was way too melodramatic. In addition, dressing like Julia did absolutely nothing for me (perhaps that was some sort of suggestion from her husband); actually I checked the dosage on my meds to see if I was hallucinating her Julia Child inspired blue button-downed shirt and string of pearls…eeks. And, well, maybe I’m cynical, but seriously, you’ve never poached an egg and the thought of roasting a duck gives you a nervous breakdown. Come on! Even I’m undaunted by those two tasks.

Superwoman: She’s working all day, coming home, cooking like a mad woman and then writing a blog? Everyday?!? I don’t know, I’m doing this as a creative outlet and to learn a bit about cooking and the Northeast and am having a hard time mustering up an article a day (well, lately we’d have to say an article a week/month). Perhaps I should look into this, but did she really write an entry a day? I’d rather have nice split between writing and spending time enjoying the company of good friends and the fruits of my labors (and lately, more often than not, the fruits of my friends’ labor).

Epicureans’ Lifestyle: My use of epicurean focuses on the philosophies of Epicurus as a whole. In addition to the food, it’s also the good friends and how the intermingling of the two is but the most pleasurable of pursuits. And, of course, I’m sprinkling in my love of the Northeast and travel which must be considered as a distinguishing factor (or, so I’m telling myself).

Last Laugh: However, I did find the tidbits about Julia intermingled throughout the movie fascinating. Really didn’t know much about her and the movie did a nice job shedding some light on the gal’s culinary pursuits. But, I must admit, my greatest joy while watching the movie was passing out, right after the chick receives a call from some editor (was it the Sacramento Bee?) asking if she has any comment about Julia not liking her…Ha, talk about mortified! It was pure bliss falling into a drug induced slumber as that chick’s horrified facial expression danced across the screen as it dawns on her that, well; unfortunately, Julia’s just not a fan. I’m sure the movie had a happy ending (even if not, Julie, I’m sure has done fine with her blog and the movie. And one can only ask who’s having the last laugh) and I’m glad to report, I’m really not interested.

The holidays were spent in the company of good friends, enjoying many a splendid meal, some on the elaborate side, while others more casual in nature, like a recent dinner of Soupa Verde (a Portuguese ‘green’ soup) and sandwiches. Then there was January; unfortunately, I spent January sick, sick, sick. I’m finally on the mend and am back at this epicurean thing. I’ll be posting about some of my trials and tribulations over the past month and will begin to outline the classes I plan to take this spring. One of the more interesting ones is the re-creation of a 12 (or, perhaps, 15) course meal from the Titanic. Not sure if I’m actually interested in the food, but am intrigued by these folks ‘teaching’ us how to prepare such a feast and then serving it in the course of 3 – 4 hours (I’m convinced my 20 minutes to cut an onion just won’t do well here).

If you seen anything that interests you and want to join along, just let me know as I’d love the company.