This isn’t a big surprise, as, apparently the eastern side of the country, from south to north either has had or is having whacked out weather.  I just got in from shoveling ~ 6″ of snow, breaking most of my shoveling rules. 

We have a small house, with a small drive way.  Hailing from Boston I really don’t mind shoveling (excluding those random years where it either snows every day or every time it snows it’s a major event).  I wasn’t prepared to shovel today as I assumed we’d get 3 – 4″ of powder and then it would melt as the weekend is supposed to be sunny and in the 40s. 

Foolishly,  I decided to do a quick once over of the walk and drive ways…an hour later I was still shoveling, in inappropriate shoes, a fall coat, and gloves that aren’t meant to do anything but look cute.  That’s where rule #1 was thrown aside — the first shovel of the season has got to be good basically down to the black top.  If this simple, but crucial step is not done your driveway is going to be crap all winter long. fingers crossed that won’t be the case this season. 

Any whoo, I ran out this morning to pick up the rest of my baking supplies which are sitting on the counter as I’m exhausted and baking is the last thing I’m doing this evening.  With that said, I’m sharing Yankee Magazine’s Best Christmas Celebrations in New England. On this snowy evening, a bit of escapism — and travel inspiration — is in order. 

Happy, snowy trails to you; for those on the road, be safe traveling and, of course, bon appetite.