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My husband and I celebrate and exchange gifts on Little Christmas, the Epiphany, in early January. I balked when Tony first suggested this.  However, I quickly discovered: 1.  The hassle of running around and buy gifts for the 25th is eliminated, 2. The holiday season is a lot less stressful in general, and 3. We seize upon the post holiday sales, often saving a substantial amount of money. As the clock ticks away, I’ve rounded up some thought provoking and sometimes novel gifts presented by the editors of and writers for some of my favorite sites:

Travel + Leisure – I love Travel + Leisure and worked with them quite frequently in my previous life.  Three of their gift picks:

Vietnamese Coffee Kit
  • Sony Noise Canceling Headphones –  Digital Assistant Editor, Richelle Szypulski writes, “Sony’s newest over-ear headphones are so impressively good. They’ve made the latest model lighter and more comfortable to wear and increased the battery life to a whopping 30 hours. But above all, Sony focused on sound and, wow, it is delightfully immersive to listen to music with these on.”
  •  Vietnamese Coffee Pour-Over Kit – Associate Digital Editor Tanner Sanders enthuses over the kit, “This clever little system that’s designed to easily fit in your bag makes a truly wonderful Vietnamese coffee. Even better, the pack comes with enough supplies to make five cups of coffee, making the perfect gift for your coffee-obsessed friends heading out on vacation.”
  • Tablet Holding Cutting Board –Digital Assistant Editor, Elizabeth Preske, choose this goody, stating, “With this handy kitchen tool, my mom can prop up her iPad and easily follow the directions while she preps her meals. No uncomfortable neck craning or back bending necessary.” 

The Planet D – Dave and Deb of The Planet D offer up a Handpresso option, which is probably more up my husband’s alley than the Vietnamese coffee thingy. Unfortunately for him, this list isn’t being developed for him.  My picks among the 55 things the dynamic duo suggest:

Warm, Toasty Toes
  • Travel Towel –Dave and Deb write, “Even if you are staying in a 5-star resort, you often have to bring a towel with you when going on an adventure excursion.Instead of packing the clunky hotel towel, use this microfibre travel towel. It’s good for long multi-day treks or just a day at the beach. Quick dry and odor resistant make it a plus to have in your baggage.” 
  • Compression Socks – Deb, or Dave, wrote about their experience with the socks, “I tried them once a few years ago and they felt like they were squeezing my legs, my latest pair are so cushiony and cozy. The merino wool keeps odors away and they feel comfortable on a flight.” Compression socks intrigue me…hint, hint Tony Rivera.  

Town & Country:  Writer Caroline Hallemann knows how to pick great gifts and did a solid round up for ‘Jet Setters’

Twill Weekender Bag
  • Ollo Phototgraphy lens – I’ve often thought of this but have never investigated; you can get a get a set of lens for the iPhone at a pretty reasonable price. As Caroline states, “Help your Instagram-obsessed nephew rack up the likes with a set lenses for his phone which instantly up his photography skills.”
  • Mini Jewelry Case– OK, I like it because it’s cute. Caroline feels that you could “Help your less-than-organized mother secure her earrings, necklaces, and rings for travel in a chic croc-embossed leather jewelry case from Cuyana.”  The case is Cuyana’s coveted jewelry case, redesigned.  It has a soft felted pouch with satin drawstring ribbons at the interior to store your littlest luxuries. It also features the same belt detail for securing earrings and rings with ease.
  • Twill Weekender – This is so tempting and appears to be a useful size for that last minute weekend get-away.  Caroline agrees, “Have a friend who is always planning weekend getaways? Consider gifting them this simple-yet-sturdy weekender that doesn’t break the bank.”

Good Housekeeping: Good Housekeeping’s gift guide is culled from interviews with avid travelers, people always on the go. Writer Lindsey Murray goes so far as to state, “Going on a trip is a gift in itself, but certain add-ons can make the journey even more enjoyable.”  Three clever gift ideas I never would have thought of include: 

Fire TV Stick
  • FireTV Stick  “Nearly every hotel has a TV, but what happens when you want to watch your favorite streaming service? Just plug in this tiny device and, bam, it’s just like you’re at home!” — Nate H., 32, has traveled to 43 countries in the last year
  • JBL Portable Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Speaker –  “I always travel with a small bluetooth speaker.  It hangs in my shower when I’mat home, but on the road, it is my portable entertainment system.  I can hang it in a hotel shower, on a backpack, or under a beach umbrella and play music, podcasts, or sound for a movie.” — Jay W., 40, world tour manager who has traveled to 42 countries
  • Audible Credits – “My absolute favorite travel-related gift is an Audible credit. When traveling it’s often hard to know how strong your cell service will be or if Wi-Fi will be available. Being able to download audio books directly to your device means you aren’t dependent on service for your on-the-go entertainment.” — Veronica H., age 32

We’re staring 2019 in the face; before we get there, however, I’ll post more gift ideas – next up for the epicurean in our life.  Until then, I wish you all safe travels,smooth sailings, and, of course, bon appetite.