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So, video #2 is here; finally. Spent a good chunk of the evening figuring out the app I purchased over the holidays. Unfortunately, I’m not very conversant with the platform so I’m presenting without any ado video #2 — Making pizza at the Woodland Cabin featuring my husband, Tony Rivera doing his open fire cooking.

Cooking Over an Open Fire

Would love any comments, suggestions, etc. in an effort to make this better; there are some obvious things, like adding a title page — duh; maybe adding some music; imitating Stellar Rad and adding an overlay of copy here and there. But, more importantly I’d love your thoughts on the content and how it’s presented — as well as any suggestions on video creation software as the verdict is still out on my current program.

And, for the Bittersweet part. Today is National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day and I’d like to dedicate this post to my Grandfather who died in the line of duty…way back when (I’m sure he loved pizza). Without him, there’d be no Mom and, subsequently, no me. So sad.

Officer Albert Lemoine, Woonsocket Rhode Island Police Department

In memory of him, and Tony’s Uncle Frank (coincidentally, the Pizza was made in his honor) and to all the Law Enforcement folks out there, a hearty thanks.

Wishing everyone, especially the men and woman in uniform, safe travels, smooth sailings and, of course, bon appetite.