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I’m officially on holiday, much needed if I do say so myself.  We started the day with an amazing breakfast and ended it with a stew cooked over the fire; #yummy.  In between, Tony made pizza in the hearth while I worked.

We were able to shoot video — pretty good thus far, but not uploaded to the cloud yet. Please bear with us, we are on top of a hill in the middle of the woods operating off of ½ – 1 bar of reception with about 4 machines going at any one time – yes, we are two people who need to learn how to disconnect.  I also need to get some sort of video editing software which I think I’m on top of, but their ‘packages’ are a bit weird…we shall see.

I’m holding off on editing in order to inspire you with my pithy words of, ‘I’m in Massachusetts, here’s what I ate.’ However, if I post a video with this article it will be a raw, unedited version to see how the process works and the end product renders.  That said, today’s food adventures included:

  • Pizza Zio Francisco:  Tony’s Uncle Frank loved making pizza on the grill;that was just one of the many things he wowed us with when we went to visit himin Florida.  In honor of his uncle, Tony made pizza over the open fire, using some sort of pita bread – with a fancy name so they could charge more.  For dinner,we had a beautiful stew. OMG so good.
  • Gingersnaps: Apparently, Tony loves gingersnaps, he’s been chomping on them since we’ve arrived which is odd as he pretty much has eliminated most processed foods from his diet.  This is also odd as I made gingersnaps as part of my holiday baking last year (I usually make at least 500 cookies each season for Tony’s students…that’s really not a lot, my relatives in Minnesota make north of 1500 cookies around the holidays…each not combined).
  • Lodge Fire Mittens:With all our (hmm, hmm…Tony’s) cooking over the flames and my mucking about in the fire; mittens are needed.  Mary Jane of course has fire proof mittens which Tony has embraced.  I’ve yet to singe myself but am envisioning that coming soon.

I’m off to figure out the video editing software. For those traveling tomorrow, I wish you safe travels and, of course, bon appetite