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The fire is roaring, Tony’s entertaining us with his guitar playing, my brother and his family have arrived safely, and the kids are popping popcorn and roasting chestnuts over the open fire.  Another fabulous day. 

We ventured off the hill earlier, in an attempt to make our way to the local orchard.  There’s one a few miles away, Breezeland Orchard, but it was closed for the season; we zipped past another, but I was driving too fast and we couldn’t tell if it were open.  Then, as we were going through downtown Brookfield, we saw a promising sign for Brookfield Orchards – café open year-round.Things were looking up.  

Brookfield Orchards

After an idyllic drive through the the Brookfields – I say that as, yes, there is a Brookfield proper, a North Brookfield and a West Brookfield; didn’t drive through or see an East or South Brookfield, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they existed – we ambled upon the orchard with ‘The Happy Apple’.  With acres of trees, the family who operates the land and facility really have it going on. The area along the orchard itself is lined with playground equipment for those with kids and the shop is part bakery, part yard sale and part purveyors of local fare.  And the family running it was super sweet to the extent that they opened a bag of cider donuts and pulled one out as for me as I didn’t want to buy the whole bag.

Upon arriving home, we watered and fed the goats and hens –they’re Red Rhode Island Hens…who knew?!?  Restocked the firewood for the evening (we’re going through the wood) and served a sumptuous beef stew to the relations.

Tomorrow is the big day; I’ll be busy burning food…err,cooking so I’m not sure I’ll be posting. That said, I want those traveling to their friends and family tomorrow to be safe and, of course, I wish you all bon appetite.